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Swimming Up Stream
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In The Beginning

Developing The Person Within

The Race Factor:


          Patrick Richard Menzies was born in a tiny British Colony in December of 1965, to a Salesman Samuel, and a housewife Viloice.  His father was of Scottish and English decent, and his mother of Indian and local Creole decent.  Because of this mixture, his dad was light skin, and his mother was dark skin.  This said, Patrick would grow up to face his skin color in his new home of America, where it was said, that there was Equality for All.


The Religious Factor:


          Since Patrick's dad was Roman Catholic, and his mother Protestant, his household was a religious battlefield from day one of his existence.


          His mother told him of various occasions in which his dad would return from out of town, and finding no one at home on a Sunday evening, he would go over to the local Protestant Church where he knew his wife would be with their ten children.  Upon arrival at the church, he would yell to the Pastor (who would be addressing the congregation from behind the pulpit) to send his kids home immediately.  In other occasions, he would himself yell out their names that they may come out from among the congregation.



The Early Personality war:


          Patrick was not the rough and tough out doors boy, but instead one who was more interested in advancing his education than winning at football.  This caused him many battles in his elementary and secondary school years. Seeing that he chose older people to befriend rather than his peers, he was ostracized by them. 


          On one occasion while at elementary school, he refused to play football with the boys, choosing rather to talk to a girl on the sidelines.  For this action he was bullied by a few of the older boys, and even called 'names' for hanging out with the girls.


          While in high school, his best friend was his math instructor, Charles M., who happened to be a young local teacher at his other-wise Foreign -controlled religious High School.

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