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Tribulation In The USA

Court TRIAL - MARCH 2004

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Court TRIAL - MARCH 2004
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After Closing Arguments!
By Patrick R. Menzies I


Written 3/29/04  (During 1st Court Trial which ended in a Hung Jury - 3 for guilty and 9 for Innocent)

The court case is still on. The jury received the case and went into deliberation at approximately 11:20am, and left for home at 4:30pm. They will return tomorrow at 0930am. Please continue to pray. We have been in prayer and fasting, and are continueing until the end of the case.

We found out today that Our attorney has really done a botched up job on this trial.

In the closing arguments of the prosecution, the Prosecuter detailed evidence already introduced in writing in the trial, claimeing that this young girl painted pictures of what was in her mind, and in one of such paintings, she painted herself coiled up in the corner of a box, because she smelt my cologne and was scared of me.

I don't even where cologne! However this was entered into evidence since my attorney never looked at the material being presented; therefore didn't cover this accusation.

On another note, the attorney came out and told us a few hours ago, that the Jury requested the church and school schedule which we had presented, however seeing that he never entered it officially into evidence (by making it a Defense Exhibit) they could not receive this important piece of information to help them make an informed descision.

The young lady, after 3 years; and 2.5 days of testimony, was allowed to change her testimony after I presented my attorney with evidence that she was in English Class the Day after she claims to have been molested; and she had declared that she was molested and quit comming to class and visiting church.

There has been so many discrepencies; however, since my attorney never highlighted them, who knows how this will all end. Only God Knows!

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