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Tribulation In The USA

False Accuser - Alma G.

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False Accuser - Alma G.
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Court TRIAL - MARCH 2004
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8 Months Pregnant @ Time of Alleged Assault. 
Kept on attending Church and Church Activities, even AFTER she claimed the First Assault occured.
Changed her story twice, while presenting it to the Church Board 2 days after accusations were brought up.
Married to Javier G. by Pastoral Order in Mexico, Since she got pregnant by him @ the age of 15.
Came to the US illegaly with her Sister In Law in November 2000.
Sister in Law shipped back to Mexico after accusing a Young Mexican Man of Physical Abuse.  She ended up getting pregnant for said young man, and had to return to Mexico, to her Husband and Kids, pregnant by a different Mexican man in the US,

 ALMA G. (Accuser on 2 Counts)


Accused Patrick R. Menzies I of abuse in Seagoville and Dallas.


Threatened her own Husband with arrests while staying at a Church Family's Home, if he didn't let her have her way; because, as she stated "I am under 18".


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