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Tribulation In The USA

False Accuser - M. M. De La Torre

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Falsely Accused
Days Of Shock
False Accuser - Alma G.
False Accuser - M. M. De La Torre
Character Witnesses
Court TRIAL - MARCH 2004
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14 Years Old At Time Of Alleged Assault

According to her Aunt, she and her family moved in with ALMA (Co-Accuser) & JAVIER G. (Alma's Husband) after their accusations were filed.


On last knowledge, she was shacked up with some guy, and had a child by 'who knows who'.


Patrick R. Menzies I got involved with her family through the English Academy which her mother attended.


Her mother GUADALUPE or Lupe as she is called, had requested that Pastor Menzies pick her up for English class, which she only attended a few days.

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